Clawmark's VG Parser plugin for ACT
A plugin for ACT for parsing log files from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

ACT: Advanced Combat Tracker

VGClawActPlugin v0.2b
Plugin - Source

How to Set Up ACT
  1. Run ACT.
  2. On the plugins tab, click Browse and pick VgClawActPlugin.dll, then click Add/Enable Plugin.
  3. On the plugins tab, remove the "ACT_English_Parser.cs" plugin. That is the EQ2 parsing plugin. It will not work correctly for VG.
  4. Set the name of your character that will do the parsing in Options - Data Correction - Miscellaneous.
  5. Close ACT and re-run it.

How to Set Up VG
  1. Open a new chat tab and name it "ParseLog" or whatever you like. I would suggest putting it on a separate window from the main tab group.
  2. In the chat options for that tab, enable these options: Your Kills, Others' Kills, Auto Attack, Your Casts, Others' Casts, Your Damage Success, Your Damage Fail, Your Buffs Success, Your Buffs Fail, Incoming Damage Success, Incoming Damage Fail, Others' Damage Success, Others' Damage Fail, Others' Buffs Success, Others' Buffs Fail, NPC Damage Other Success, NPC Buffs Success, NPC Damage Others Fail, NPC Buffs Fail, Others' Pet Buffs Fail, Others' Pet Buffs Success, Others' Pet Damage Fail, Others' Pet Damage Success, My Pet Buffs Fail, My Pet Buffs Success, My Pet Damage Fail, My Pet Damage Success, Rune, Death, Ambient
  3. In the chat options for that tab, enable "Time Stamp".
  4. If lag is a problem for you, you may try this: Make another tab in the same window as that new tab: Call it "Nothing", and make it the visible tab. This may help prevent the combat spam from adding graphics lag on your system.
How to Use
  1. Make sure you have followed the above "How To" steps for VG and ACT.
  2. Inside VG, type /log to enable logging.
  3. Inside VG, fight stuff.
  4. Inside VG, type /log to stop logging and flush all data to the log file.
  5. Inside ACT, on the Import/Export tab, click "Select File" and pick the log file corresponding to the tab name you created in VG. Adjust the "Point of View" if needed to match the character name that recorded the log.
  6. Inside ACT, view the parse data on the Main tab.

Notes and Vanguard Bugs

0.2b - 2012 May 3

0.2a - 2012 April 30

0.1b - 2012 April 28

0.1a - 2012 April 27

0.0a - 2012 April 22

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